Zeev Magen
Fresh Start

Un travail incroyable que passion-traduction a effectué en traduisant mon site internet. Dans les délais et je crois même que la version française est plus précise que la version originale. En d'autres termes elles ont mieux décrit mes pensées et mes offres que j'en étais capable moi-même. J'aime l'élégance des mots et des phrases retenus et le texte est plus fluide que la version anglaise. Mille mercis je recommanderai votre bureau sans aucune hésitation.


I needed a translation of my new website and I could have done this myself but my focus is on selling my services and I opted to employ an agency to have my site translated in to French. That decision belongs to one of the best decisions that I have ever taken! They mean business when they state translation is far more than translating words; it is about conveying the same message. Well, I am convinced that they conveyed my (!) message much better than I did in English. If you need first class translation English-French, French-English as well as Italian-French and French-Italian then https://www.traduction-passion.com/… Is your port of call. They honour Shakespeare, Victor Hugo and Dante in elegance and purity of the language used!